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All too often, lack of familiarity with the process of creating radio ads means radio is not used to its best advantage. Studiocraft for Advertisers gives a detailed insight into the anatomy of a radio ad, from brief and concept to script, casting, direction and final sound, in a two-part class, limited to no more than nine attendees. By providing uniquely in-depth and behind-the-scenes access to the workings of radio advertising, Studiocraft for Advertisers guarantees better results - and will save time and money. 



Part One reveals and examines each stage of the radio ad process with one of Ireland’s leading radio writers and creative directors. We explore the radio context, identify archetypes and scrutinise the all-important brief. We look at how to assess concept and copy, the power of casting and direction and the roadmap to final sound. 

Part One will examine:

  • Why radio? Its power and potential
  • The radio advertising landscape
  • The archetypes of radio ads
  • The Brief – Chasing one rabbit
  • Choosing a copywriter
  • Finding a style that suits
  • The Concept – assessing ideas
  • The Script – reviewing the page
  • Casting – selecting the right voice
  • Music & SFX (preview our music flowchart here
  • Elements of sound production


Part Two brings the group to a premier recording studio for a full tour of the production process. First-hand interaction allows each participant to understand the system from every angle. Each member of the class gets to experience a session from the voiceover and engineer’s perspective and we get close-up with a live recording of a professional actor. 

Part Two covers:

  • Introduction to studio equipment
  • Production roles
  • Experiencing the voiceover’s chair
  • Studio etiquette
  • Getting the perfect sound: One for Lloyd’s
  • How to direct a live recording
  • Top Tips & Pet Peeves from Voiceover and Sound Engineer


(To ensure individual attention, each class is limited to nine participants). 



Eoghan Nolan is an award-winning copywriter and former creative director of McCann, Irish International BBDO and Leo Burnett. Previously a lecturer in DIT, his awards include 98FM Ad of the Decade and Radio Ad of the Millennium at the Kinsale Sharks. Recent work includes campaigns for Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin City and Colourtrend paint. Eoghan is a Clearance Manager with CopyClear, the vetting service for alcohol advertising. He is the founder of Brand Artillery and Think & Son. 

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While the current season of Studiocraft is completed, enquire below and when nine people are interested we'll schedule another.  



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