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5 Galtrim Rd
Bray, Wicklow

+353 87 265 5288

An award-winning good ideas company; brands, ads & beyond. Always interested in meeting pleasant and ambitious new clients. 


Brand Artillery

Brand Artillery is on a mission to create bright, clever, popular, impactful advertising that gets noticed; advertising that enters the public conversation. Here, you’ll deal directly with creatives. Nothing gets lost in translation. From the start you’ll talk only to the people who plan, create and produce the ads for you. No middle-men; this is creativity, wholesale.

Award-winning copywriters, art directors, designers and producers, creating everything from online, outdoor and radio campaigns to versatile video content and major TV. We can generate brand names, oversee design development, create narratives, craft web presence, devise strategies and carry out very stimulating workshops (but that’s another story).

So how do we work?

We don’t have enough time to work for all the clients we’d like. So we try to make sure we’re right for a prospective client. We look to establish a shared ambition, a mutual respect and a healthy agreement on fair working principles. We believe the best creative work, popular work that breaks new ground and achieves all its objectives, is born out of trust between client and creative. 

If this sounds like your way, call +353 872655288.




Radio Ad of the Millennium, Shark Awards

98FM Ad of the Decade

Ireland's first D&AD

National Newspapers of Ireland 
Best Copywriting 2012

Gold, Silver & Bronze, Bronze, Bronze ICAD 2014-2015


Somebody wise once said that awards are only important when you're not winning them. So awards are unimportant. In ways, when something like the Glasnevin bus poster becomes a Twitter sensation and people offer to marry anyone who steals them one, that's the greatest accolade work can get. To have the merits affirmed by your peers awarding a trophy (or more precisely, the only Gold given in Irish advertising that whole year)  is great too. Plus metal things make good paperweights, unlike tweets.

It also reminds you that while advertising is mostly made this week for next week, if it's good it will last. 

Poster from the award-winning Glasnevin Cemetery campaign

Poster from the award-winning Glasnevin Cemetery campaign

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